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June 27, 2018

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When Youropa is torn apart, You must use your unique wall walking ability to navigate a strange fragmented city, restore it to former glory and learn who you really are. A puzzle platform paint adventure about breaking rules, being upside down and thinking outside the box.


  • Gravity Defying Gameplay - Walk upside down, on walls, in fact walk anywhere you can get to. Your suction cup feet let's you stick to any surface.
  • Mind Bending Puzzles - Solve complex logical & physical puzzles using your unique abilities.
  • Evolve & Explore - Learn new abilities and use them to explore the fragmented city further.
  • Create Your Own Game - Built-in level, map and character editors let's you build an entirely new game using simple tools. You'll be creating in minutes.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Game Of The Show - Runner Up" Indie Garden Assembly, Valenciennes France, February 2018
  • "Nordic Game Discovery Contest - Wild Card Selection" Nordic Game, Malmö Sweden, May 2018

Selected Articles

  • "A Decade Of Dreaming – The Story of frecle and Youropa"
    - Edward Price, GameAnalytics

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Monetization Permission

frecle allows for the contents of Youropa to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Youropa is legally & explicitly allowed by frecle. This permission can be found in writing at http://kit.frecle.net/sheet.php?p=youropa.

About frecle

frecle is a tiny independent game studio. We develop games, interaction and technology from the ground up.

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Youropa has led a long and often boring life on the harddrives of frecle. Having been in on-and-off development for over a decade, it has been put on hold and cancelled more times than anyone can remember. But it has always had a special quality, that made us come back to it. Now it is finally ready for the world to see, and we are incredibly happy with how it has turned out.

Here's a brief outline of some of the events during the development and a few fun facts.

- Youropa started development in 2007 by Lasse Cleveland and Mikkel Fredborg. In early 2008 it was a full time project. From 2009-2014 it was a part time project in between consulting jobs.

- In 2009, after months of negotiations, it nearly got signed by Microsoft for Xbox 360 Live Arcade. The final signature never came, we were broke, and the project was practically cancelled.

- After having been on hold for a couple of years, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 which failed spectacularily. Youropa was cancelled for good and frecle was shut down.

- In April 2017 Mikkel Fredborg rebooted the development along with a small team, since then it has been in full development. It will launch in June 2018.

- Youropa is created using a custom game engine, written from the ground up in C++

- The first controller we added support for was the original Wiimote.

- The original building block system was in place after the first week of development.

- Youropa was originally meant to take place over several European cities.

- Youropa contains refrences to Calvin & Hobbes, Le Grand Bleu, Jacques Tati and many more.

Youropa Credits

Mikkel Fredborg
Game Director, Programming, Art

Lasse Cleveland
Art, Character Design, Animation

Bo Strandby
Level Design, Additional Game Design, User Testing

Niels Böttcher
Audio Design

Asbjørn Tejdell

Pernille Hansen
Additional Character Animation

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